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The right financing for your HVAC equipment and services can make all the difference for your home or business budget.

At AQS Mechanical, we connect you with affordable financing options to make your services more affordable. When your commercial or residential HVAC breaks down in Southern California, it’s a hassle and an expense you were not anticipating. There’s nothing worse than realizing you need to invest in a new HVAC system that you worry will put a strain on your budget.

AQS Mechanical, we want to make your new HVAC installation and services as convenient, affordable, and stress-free as possible. No need to worry about how on earth you will get the cash necessary to pay for the HVAC expense! Let us connect you with trusted financing companies that offer a variety of flexible payment options to meet your needs. Our goal is to make our high-quality HVAC services accessible to every home and business owner in Southern California.


How Our HVAC Financing Works

We’ve partnered with several of the best financing companies to help you manage the costs of HVAC equipment and services. One of our friendly team members will sit down with you to go over all of the options and then walk you through the process of submitting a credit application for financing.

Once the company you choose approves your credit application, we will help you move forward to schedule your HVAC installation, repair, or maintenance with AQS Mechanical. The process is streamlined and straightforward, and you should be able to know the application decision right away.

HVAC Financing Services

Items you will need for a successful credit application may include:

  • Proof of property ownership
  • Proof of active employment or retirement income
  • No bankruptcy filings in the last two years
  • Not currently in credit counseling

After your application approval, you’ll be able to decide which payment plan works best for your finances. Many companies offer custom payment plans for your convenience. Then, the financing company will bill you in affordable monthly installment payments for the price of the equipment and services. It’s as easy as that! You will be able to enjoy the enhanced climate control and energy efficiency benefits of having a high-quality HVAC system without overtaxing your budget.

Learn More about the Financing Options at AQS Mechanical

You shouldn’t have to put off vital HVAC services because you don’t have the money to cover the total cost right now. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to base your decision on comfort instead of your budget? With the right financing, you’ll have a convenient payment plan that helps you achieve optimal climate control while still having the funds you need to cover other essentials for your home or business. The simple application process and fast decision mean you can move on with your HVAC-related purchases sooner than later.

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Whether you need HVAC diagnosis and repair, maintenance services, or installation, let the reputable team at Air Quality Solutions Mechanical show you how convenient and effective the right professional services can be. We serve homes and businesses throughout Southern California, Inland Empire, Orange County, and Riverside County and are dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Get Started

If you have questions about the financing companies we partner with at AQS Mechanical, contact our office to speak with one of our friendly team members. We are always happy to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision about your HVAC services and financing. Connect with us online now or call our office to get started today.

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